April 22, 2014

Easy Cucumber Wrapped Salad

Yesterday, my 9 year old daughter Samantha took over my blog once again and shared her potato chip making adventure - which as far as adventures go was fun and delicious!  If you are a potato chip fan...check out our Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips and our Sweet & Spicy Potato Chips - Both were delicious!! 

Since OXO was nice enough to give her one of their Hand Held Mandoline Slicers to make potato chips, we decided use it the next night to make a "fancy" salad for dinner (to go with our leftovers, lol).

Don't you just love a new kitchen toy?

I was teaching her how she can cut other vegetables with the mandoline.  She became laser focused on cutting cucumbers (one of her favorite snacks)...she cut she ate, she cut she ate, lol.  Cutting cucumbers length-wise was a little tricky at first, since ya know cucumbers are quite the slippery suckers once you peel them but she was able to get into a rhythm.

We wrapped 2 slices around to form a circle and secured them with a 2 toothpicks while we stuffed them, them we dabbed a bit of dressing like glue to hold it together just before we sat down to eat.  Some actually held fine without our salad dressing "glue".  Seems if the cucumber slices are thin and wet they stick to each other just fine as long as you don't overfill it.

What a fun way to eat a salad!

I told her that a salad like this might cost $10.00 or more at certain restaurants and we did it for less than $1 a salad - so there you go!

When it comes to getting your kids in the kitchen, don't put any limitations on them.  I promise you that they can contribute much more than egg cracking and stirring!  You know your child, give them clear instructions on what you want them to do.  Model each method, technique or action you want them to perform.  Give them some creative freedom and praise, praise, praise each accomplishment.  In no time they will be surprising you with what they can do independently as well a the creative ideas they will have on what they want to make next!

My kids and especially Samantha, have been cooking with me since they were 2.  I love the independence she now has in the kitchen and I swear sometimes that little bundle of joy and energy has saved me!  Yes at the age of 7-8-9, SHE has pulled my butt out of the fire when we have hosted Thanksgiving and other get-togethers and I was not ready.  With instructions...she handles her own dished now.  All of a sudden she keeps telling me "I know mom...I know mom". She's going to be teaching me soon!

In my opinion, OXO makes it easy to get your kids in the kitchen.  I must own a minimum of 40 OXO kitchen tools and you know what...I used to wish they or someone else had a line of kids kitchen tools but in the end they weren't necessary.  OXO's tools are so well made AND deliver on the functionality that was promised that kids of any age, once they have a bit of dexterity, can successfully use them.  Both my daughter and I are true fans!  I would say Samantha's 3 favorite OXO tools are the microplane/zester, which she has been using since she was about 5, she loves the potato ricer (she's the chief mashed potato maker in our house), we happen to have the 3-in 1 Adjustable Potato Ricer (and boy is that a great tool and easy to use and easy to clean) and the cherry pitter...ALL kids love to use the OXO Cherry Pitter!

Thanks OXO for making my time in the kitchen with my kids even better!!

How would you like to win a few new OXO items for your kitchen?  Check out yesterdays post to enter for these 3 very helpful tools! Click here to go there and enter.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.  OXO was provided my daughter with the mandoline, tongs and mixing bowl above for her potato chip making adventure as well as a second set to give away to one of you.  All thoughts and opinions about OXO products are my own.

Cucumber Wrapped Salad 

1 large cucumber, peeled
And whatever else you like in your salad.

Using a mandoline on the 2nd setting, carefully shave your cucumber into lengthwise strips.
Connect 2 strips of cucumber by overlapping them a bit, to form a circle (secure with toothpicks if necessary.  Gently fill each circle with your chosen salad ingredients, top with croutons, nuts, dried cranberries or fruit.  Carefully remove toothpicks and if necessary, dab a bit of salad dressing in between where the cucumber slices overlap to "glue" them together.  Drizzle with the salad dressing of your choice and serve.


& Samantha

April 21, 2014

Growing a Pizza Garden

My friend Larisha, from We're Parents, and I along with 8 other bloggers decided to team up to bring you an Earth Day Extravaganza,  We have  recipes, gardening tips, ways to reuse and recycle, crafts to do with the kids and more! 

To make this even more amazing, we've partnered up with a host of fantastic sponsors to make three of you lucky readers very happy!  Toter BrylaneHome, Jiffy Plants, Ferry Morse Seeds, Lifetime, The Tasteful Garden, and Gardener's Supply Company, are sponsors happy to celebrate Earth Day with us and inspire you with easy ways to get your green thumbs working! 

You can follow along all the excitement by using #GrowingGreen and Visiting our Pinterest Board "Growing Green for Earth Day"

I am not much of a gardener...at all!  I have great plans to be however the follow through, green thumb or passion that it would actually take to pull off a successful garden are just not in me. I have had a few accidental successes and can grow tomatoes and herbs like nobody's business but that is about it!

My dad always grew a huge garden (and still does) but other than eating from it I really never showed an interest in it growing up.  I wish now that I did.  Both of my brothers grow big gardens, my sister dabbles and I...well I...mostly just think about it.

When I had my kids and they hit about 4 I got excited a bit and wanted to begin a garden for "them".  One of the things we did was to grow a Pizza Garden.  I mean everyone loves pizza right?  So how fun is it to teach your kids that "A" they can MAKE their own pizza (MYOP baby...Make Your Own Pizza) and "B" they can GROW some of the components it takes to do just that!  Plus it teaches them responsibility, since they have to make sure their garden is getting the water, sum and care it needs to thrive.

Plus, just think about the pizza boxes that won't go to waste, the gas and energy that will be saved etc...there is a lesson in there too.

We have had success with a Pizza Garden on and off over the past few years.  This year my youngest is doing a Salsa Garden (she can't get enough salsa).

Think about what foods your kids like and if you can incorporate that into a garden...I bet they will have a blast planning it out as well as working on it, cooking from it and eating the spoils of their labor!

Growing a Pizza Garden

  • First decide if it will be a container garden or traditional garden.  My kids and I like to sketch it out first then use those "plans" to make it happen.
  • Next decide on what ingredients you want to grow (tomatoes, basil, oregano, onions, garlic, peppers) What does your child enjoy on their pizza?  What do they other family members enjoy on their pizza and go from there.
  • Plant your garden and tend to it a few times a week.  While it is growing, choose a few ways you want to use the ingredients - sauce, pizza sauce, pizza (what kind?), stromboli, salsa, pasta sauce...the options go on and on!
  • Once your ingredients are ready to harvest, let the pizza making fun begin!

To celebrate this Earth Day as well as celebrate our Earth every day take a look at these ideas and inspirations as well as a this massive giveaway with THREE winners!  Good Luck!

Reusing Your Food Containers

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Earth Day & Every Day Trash Pick Up Printable

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The rebirth of the American Chestnut Tree
Growing a Pizza Garden

A huge Thank You to our amazing sponsors for making this happen! We couldn't have  pulled off this huge event for all our readers without the help of: Toter, Gardener's Supply Company, Lifetime, BrylaneHome, Jiffy Pot, Ferry Morse Seeds, and The Tasteful Garden.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a Toter outdoor composter, a BrylaneHome rolling deck box, an Organic Tomato Success Kit from The Gardener's Supply Company, Jiffy Pot Greenhouse trays and refills, Ferry Morse seeds, and a $75 gift card to The Tasteful Garden! A total value of over $540! It truly is a gardener's dream come true to win this giveaway!

Second Prize Winner will receive a Lifetime Dual Composter, an Organic Tomato Success Kit from The Gardener's Supply Company, Jiffy Pot Greenhouse trays and refills, as well as Ferry Morse seeds. All valued at over $400!

The Third Prize Winner will receive Jiffy Pot Greenhouse trays and refills and Ferry Morse seeds. A $30+ value.

Visit We're Parents to learn more about these companies, to check out the Earth Day bloggers posts, and more by clicking HERE.

Disclosure: We're Parents and the blogs participating are not responsible for prize fulfillment/shipment. Fulfillment will come direct from the sponsors. We're Parents received the items mentioned above to review at no cost and was not monetarily compensated for hosting this giveaway, nor were we compensated in any way for the promotion of this giveaway. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media are not affiliated with this giveaway. 

Homemade Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips

Hi its me Samantha!

Do you like potato chips? If you do, keep reading this.

Today, I wanted to tell you about making your own potato chips!  I wondered about how to do it since I really like them so much and asked my mom about it.  She said that we could make them together over spring break, so that's just what we did.

Guess what the first thing you need is?   Yup...a potato!

But first you have to decide what flavor you want to make.  I think everyone loves potato chips (right?) my favorite is Sour Cream and Onion!  My mom doesn't let me get them very much because she says that they have too many ingredients she can't pronounce on the bag.  So I knew I wanted to make them first and eat as many as I could!

You can try to slice your potatoes very thin when you want to make chips but using a mandolin makes it SO much easier!!  Have you ever used a mandoline before?  When you use a mandoline, slicing is easy and fast...so fast you just can't believe it!

I learned about using a mandoline because my mom is in charge of doing the father-daughter dance at school each year and this year she decided to do a Luau theme.  I helped her make 62 pounds of her Pulled Pork and then we made 25 pounds of her Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers (they are SO yummy).  We started slicing the cucumbers and it was taking FOREVER when all of a sudden my mom said "oh wait, let me get my mandoline"! After that it went super-fast.  She taught me how to use it and taught me how to use it safely but she really didn't like me using it since it was old and not that good for kids.
When we decided to make potato chips, she told her friends at OXO this story and they were really awesome and sent me one of their hand-held mandolines to try and it was really easy to use and my mom said she felt safer with me using that one.  It was way easy, all I had to do was slide, slide, slide a potato over it and ba-bam, there were the slices I needed for the chips!  OXO also send me a 3 quart mixing bowl for soaking the potatoes and these easy to use tongs for getting them in and out of the pan. Thank you OXO!

Guess what??  OXO is going to give one of you the same thing!  YEAH! One of you will get this set to help you make your own potato chips (and many other things too).

Come back tomorrow and see something else I used my mandoline for...Hint - its SO pretty and its good for you too!

After we sliced the potatoes, we soaked them in water for 30 minutes to help get the starch out (which mom says makes them more crisp).  Then we dried them.  We got a pan ready with oil and a thermometer.  Once the thermometer got to 350 degrees, we put them in and 2 and 1/2 minutes later we had potato chips!!! My mom also wanted to make a flavor, she decided she wanted something sweet and spicy (she LOVES sweet and spicy), we also made Sweet & Spicy Potato Chips using only 2 ingredients - Cajun seasoning and brown sugar.

I went a little crazy with seasoning the Sour Cream and Onion Chips in the first batch (but I still liked them -a lot!). The second batch of chips burned a little bit (because we let the oil get to hot), but the 3rd, 4th and 5th batches were perfect!  My mom, dad and brother went crazy for the Sweet & Spicy Chips!

I think kids can be a big help when you want to make potato chips BUT they need to stay away from the pan when the potatoes go in and are cooking - it is dangerous.

Do you want to try and make your own potato chips?

What flavor would it be?

Next time I make them I want to make a salt and vinegar chip for my cousin..that's her favorite!
See you next time!

Here is my mom!

Samantha did such a great job listening to what we were going to do.  As you know, she helps a lot in the kitchen and prepares a number of dishes on her own.  Chips however are not something she can yet do on her own (at the age of 9) the oil is just to dangerous for little helpers.  However watching what happens at a safe viewing spot is a delicious science lesson!  We almost always use our deep fryer for frying anything, but for this I wanted her to "see" the process and transformation.

Here are ways kids can help make Homemade Potato Chips:
  • Washing the potatoes
  • Help slice the potatoes,  teach them how to use an easy and effective hand-held mandoline like this one from OXO.  You lay out the safety rules and they will follow.
  • Come up with flavor combination ideas
  • Keep a watch on the temperature
  • Fill the bowl to soak the potatoes with water and a bit of salt
  • Blot the potatoes dry
  • Season the chips once they are out
  • And the 2 best....Taste testing and proudly handing out the finished chips!

And of course clean up...getting kids in the kitchen show's them planning and follow through. Once they are finished the pride they have on a task accomplished and the creation of something they can enjoy and even better - share or gift is - priceless and a life-skill they will never forget!

Oh and "Dear Lay's Potato Chip People...I KNEW I was right when I said you needed a Sweet & Spicy Potato Chip last year! The Sweet & Spicy Chips were ridiculously good!! 

Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post.  Samantha and I are huge fans of  OXO and use their products in our cooking every day.  OXO was generous to provide Samantha with a 3 piece set for her potato chip making experience as well as provide another set for a giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Homemade Potato Chips 

1 TBS salt
2 Russet Potatoes
2-3 cups canola oil
Seasoning of choice (see below for Sour Cream & Onion and Sweet & Spice Recipes)

Fill a large bowl with cold water and add in 1 TBS salt, stir the water. Decide if you want the peel on or off for your chips (we chose to keep it on).  Slice your chips thin (if you happen to have amazing knife skills) or use a mandoline.  We tried all 3 settings on the OXO mandoline and decided that we liked setting 2 the best for our chips.  Place your potato slices into the water and allow them to sit for 30 minutes.

Remove potato slices from the water and place them on to paper towel lined baking sheets.  Blot them dry with additional paper towels.

Place 2 inches of oil into your chosen pan - make sure the pan has enough room and additional space on the sides to carefully fry the chips.  If you are using your deep fryer fill it to manufacturers recommendation. Once the oil reaches 350 degrees, carefully place your potato slices into the oil (I carefully slid them in from a small colander).  The oil will immediately bubble.  Carefully move the potato slices around with tongs so they don't stick together and they brown evenly.  Once chips are done to your liking about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes (depends on size, thickness and oil temperature) remove them and place them on a paper towel lined baking sheet or cooling rack.  Season immediately.  These are best enjoyed the day you make them.

Tip: Watch your oil temperature between batches.  We burned our second batch because the oil was too hot.  Allow the oil to cool down a bit then bring it right back up to where you need it.

Homemade Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips Seasoning
-adapted from Jeff Mauro aka The Sandwich King

1 TBS dried buttermilk
2 teaspoons onion salt
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp sugar
1 tsp dried chives

Combine above ingredients and blend with a mortar and pestle or place them in a small bowl and let the kids blend it well with their fingers.  Sprinkle seasoning over your chips as soon as you remove them from the oil.

Tip: For less salt only use 1 tsp onion salt and add 1 tsp onion powder.

Homemade Sweet & Spicy Potato Chip Seasoning
-Colleen Kennedy/Souffle Bombay

2 TBS Cajun seasoning
2 1/2 TBS brown sugar

Combine above ingredients and blend with a mortar and pestle or place them in a small bowl and let the kids blend it well with their fingers.  Sprinkle seasoning liberally over your chips as soon as you remove them from the oil.

Enjoy and happy crunching!!

 & Samantha

April 16, 2014

A Spring Cocktail - The Kodiak

When I was a teenager, I was quite literally obsessed with John, Simon, Nick, Roger and Andy...otherwise known as Duran Duran.

You can not imagine the extent of my adoration back then (or can you...any Durranies out there?).

My room was splattered with everything...them.

THEY were in frames along with some of our family photos throughout the house (thanks for humoring me mom).

I went to every concert...I even attended the 1st MTV Award Show in NYC (where sadly to a 16 year old me,  I met their wives).  If you want to find out how "I" am forever immortalized in MTV history thanks to my crazy love affair with Duran Duran, read here.

My girlfriends and I perfected British accents and we spent weekends calling overseas to talk to the English operators asking them if they knew Simon-John-Roger-Nick-Andy or their parents, teachers or trash-men. We badgered them with questions and they kind-of humored us.  We can't have been the only crazy teenagers that did that...right?  Seriously, I can't make stuff like this up!  Funny enough it actually didn't cost our parents a dime when we did that, lol!

Local boys were the furthest things from our minds, since ya know they weren't THEM or even English! This kept our parents happy (which is one reason they may have indulged our teenage dreams).

The second my friends and I were allowed to have alcohol, we HAD TO have what they drank...Stoli aka Stolichnaya Vodka.  Ya know 'cause somehow THAT  brought us closer to them!  We had read in Teen Beat, Tiger Beat or Bop that our guys asked for Stoli to be stocked in their dressing rooms before shows - so it must have been true!

Flash forward to today...my music of choice is 30 Seconds to Mars, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, etc. However I am still loyal to "my boys" (I liken it to a girls first crush, even my kids know who "my boys" are)...I still see them in concert (they have made some phenomenal music over the past 2 decades which I continue to enjoy). Once as a grown woman at a Duran Duran concert, John Taylor stared right at me for quite a while and smiled.  I was in the 2nd row...our eyes were locked, time stood still, I was enjoying our "moment" together...meanwhile my sister was shaking me to death screaming OMGAWWWD, HE"S LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU!!!! Which I have to say was completely mortifying. Sorry about that JT!

And...I still enjoy Stoli.  These days I dig Stoli-O, which is the orange flavored vodka.  For my husband and I, as well as a quite a few of our friends (this drink happens to be named after one of them....but THAT is another story) this is our go-to drink at our local pub, and a cocktail we regularly make at hang-outs.

It's light and refreshing and if you use Diet Sprite or club soda, it has way less calories than most cocktails. Squeezing in a slice or two of fresh orange is a must!  Even a sprig or two of mint is tasty.

Try it and maybe play a Duran Duran track while you do :)

The Kodiak

3-4 oz Stoli-O Vodka (depends on your preference for strength)
Diet Sprite, Sprite or club soda
Juice of 2 orange slices

Fill a 16 oz glass 3/4 of the way with ice.  Pour in your vodka, top it off with your sprite, add in the fresh squeezed orange, stir and enjoy!


April 14, 2014

Giant Deviled Egg

With just 6 days left until Easter, many of us are planning what to serve or bring to the big dinner, as well as how to decorate and add the extra touches that make our holidays memorable.  My friend Heather (Real: The Kitchen and Beyond) and I gathered 26 bloggers to share some of their Easter Entertaining Ideas with you!

From Jelly Bean Trees to a Giant Deviled Egg, we've got you covered!
To make this even more memorable, we have some amazing giveaways as well for a few lucky readers! There are prizes from John Boos (maker of incredible cutting boards, butcher blocks and more), The Spice House (my favorite on-line destination and THE place for amazing spices), Wilton Armetale (maker of both beautiful and functional serving and grill ware), Divine Chocolates, (a fair trade, farmer-owned chocolate company) & The Tree Hut (natural body products that do what they say! Follow along via #AllThingsEaster on social media this week, and visit our Pinterest Board “All Things Easter” for more ideas.
4 years ago, I attended my first in-person food blogger event - I met bloggers in person for the first time, made some friends, learned a few things and ate well!  One friend I made that weekend  was Jackie, aka The Diva That Ate New York, who brought to the event a Giant Deviled Egg (the event was called The Big Summer Potluck - so we all brought a dish...SO fun).  I have no clue what she called it, I actually didn't even taste it but the memory of the fun of it left an impression on me so I thought it would be a perfect thing to share this Easter!

Make it with your leftover eggs or make it just because anytime - I remember this quickly disappearing not a scrap of this was left, people loved it!  Add bacon, hummus, guac - whatever you like...Make it your own!  Deviled eggs are always a hit and delicious on their own BUT scooping up some of the egg whites and the yolk mixture with your favorite cracker takes the yum-factor to another level!  Above I used 12 Extra Large Eggs, however you can use any amount of eggs you choose,  -Before mt family devoured ate it, I actually made some fresh Guacamole Dip and topped it with that.  It-was-ridiculously delicious!

I really don't think I need to give you a recipe for this, just the idea.  Make the deviled egg part they way you normally do.  However, in case you do need/want a recipe...here you go :)

Giant Deviled Egg
12 large/extra large hard-boiled eggs
Mayo to your liking (about 3/4-1 cup)
1 tsp dry mustard
Salt and pepper
Paprika (just a dusting)

Separate the yolks from the eggs.  I have found that if you hold an egg in your palm and gently slice just a bit of the white - not cutting into the yolk...you can pop the yolk out with almost no residue.  Which makes your while pure white.  If you do have residue, just rinse off the remaining whites or gently wipe them.  Place yolks in a small bowl and whites on your cutting board.

Dice whites up into bite sized chunks, set aside.  Mash yolks with a fork until no large bits remain, add the mayo, mustard, salt and pepper and mash until combined and creamy.  Add more may of necessary.  Grab a platter, mound the yolk mixture in the center, surround it with the egg white chunks, sprinkle with paprika and chives and serve with crackers.  Enjoy it!!

And now for a fabulous giveaway! The kids aren't going to be having all the fun this Easter! Two of you will win one of the amazing prizes below!
One of you will win this a-mazing Signature Spice Box Set from the Spice House (wait till you try the Vulcan's Fire Salt!) as well as this incredibly gorgeous John Boos Maple Cutting Board with Stainless Steel Handles...it has handles! Swoon! 
Prize Pack #1

And one of you will win a delicious Bakers Spice Box from the Spice House (the Chicago Sugar will change your life!), this gorgeous set of decadent chocolates from Divine Chocolate, this beautiful Egg Tray from Wilton Armetale and this awesome Tree Hut Duo of Shea Body Lotion and Sugar Scrub - time to pamper yourself!

Prize Pack #2
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

We would like to give a huge thank you to the companies that made this give away possible! Thank you to John Boos for the beautiful maple cutting board, The Spice House for their spice and baking gift sets, Divine Chocolate for their luxuriously rich Fair Trade Chocolate gift basket, Wilton Armetale for the elegant egg plate, and Tree Hut for the body scrub and lotion.

April 11, 2014

Guacamole & Spicy Shrimp Tostadas

Ever meet someone and you just instantly click?  That is how it was for me when I met Linda of Giggles, Gobbles & Gulps.  She calls me her "Foodie Crush", something which always cracks me up!

We had never met in person and found ourselves at the same conference a little over a year ago.  Soon after the conference began, she was commenting on my Tweet saying "YOU ARE HERE??" Needless to say, as soon as the first break started we met and bonded.

Since then we have had some fun times together, we even did a TV show together and misbehaved a time or two (just a bit)!  I adore her fun personality, sense of style and her imagination when it comes to cocktails and food!

Today, while she is in Disney Land (ummm...not jealous one bit...) I am guest posting for her.

I would love for you to check out her both site and my recipe for these fun and delicious Spicy Shrimp & Guacamole Tostadas.  The combo of shrimp & avocado is what I call Heaven!